Responsible Investing

We incorporate ESG principles into our investment process


Our investment process allows for explicit consideration of ESG factors, both generally and specifically.

Environmental Reports

  • Prima is developing metrics by property type to assess sustainability and social factors that affect the long term prospects of investments. For example: Prima uses LEED certifications as part of its analysis for office properties. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized green building certification system.
  • Prima reviews environmental reports prepared by specialists so that investments made by Prima do not have any long term environmental hazards (chemicals and materials detrimental to the environment) that present risks to the investment.

Prima’s responsible No list

  • Gambling Venues
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Business premises engaged in adult entertainment
  • Tobacco
  • Coal generation

Business Reputation

  • Our investment decisions take into account any governance issues with borrowers’ business.
  • Our investment decisions also take into account individual borrowers’ reputation.